Alnei Ragana


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Version here is uncensored. 
Game unlock is bundled with album.

 Time of development 2013


  1. When I first saw this game on Dlsite it looked interesting, but after buying the full version I was kind of disappointed with the over all game. The gameplay is solid, platforming works, the camera could be moved down a bit, and the game has a fair difficulty curve.

    My main problem is the porn in the game. The sprite sex is lifeless, characters just fly into each other with no real hip motion, faces don't change at all, and the scene doesn't have a climax. The game over scenes are good, but could be improved on. The characters face is good, and the animation is ok, but I feel the camera is too close to the hero. I recommend zooming the camera out so we can see the enemy, and give the enemy a smug look of domination perhaps.

    1. It lets the player know each enemy has a game over AND a sprite sex scene
    2. It adds more to the scene then just the hero being raped

    Over all, the game was good and I hope you make another game using the tips I gave you.

    1. Thanks for the feedback I'll make note of what you mentioned for any future projects.

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