Thursday, December 12, 2013

Alnei Ragana Thoughts

Alnei Ragana is my short excursion towards a game developed with ero elements involved. This title took me an accumulated time of 3 months to complete from scratch to finish. I initially started with some sketches back at February of 2013 but didn't fully focus on the title until late august.  The biggest time sink towards this game is making the ero content which dragged out a bit because opportunities to work on it were scarce.  Thus this portion of the development took two months to get out of the way. The game itself took a little over a month to complete putting all the elements together.  Development of this type of title was interesting because of adding unique elements for the ero content.  Depending how this title performs I may dabble in making another title around this type of content.  I already have some ideas for a little more ambitious project for the future with a more fleshed out and robust system to explore.  Thank you for reading this entry on my experience with this game.